Grill Scout BBQ is currently seeking sponsors for the 2012 season. 

BBQ competitions are family friendly entertainment that draw large crowds who are eager to speak with competitors and wander through the competition area. We would be happy to help you bring your product or service to the attention of these attendees by hanging your banners, having your fliers available and wearing shirts or aprons with your name/logo printed on them.

Grill Scout BBQ will also allow for duplicates of any trophies or plaques made for your personal use and will gladly share any photos or videos of the event.

Sponsoring Grill Scout BBQ at a contest would involve an in-kind donation (such as meat, tents, etc.) or help covering the entry costs to competitions. Being a sponsor of an entire BBQ competition will get you many of the same benefits but can easily cost in excess of $10,000.00. Sponsoring the Grill Scouts will cost a fraction of that and get you the friendliest spokespeople you could hope for!


iGrill provides the users of i devices with the most dependable, convenient and useful means to keep track of both the temperature of the meats that they are cooking and the ambient temperature of their smokers/grills. Whether you are monitoring temperatures with your iTouch in your canopy at a contest or with your iPod from the deck in your backyard, the iGrill ensures that you know exactly what is happening with your pit at all times.

The Grill Scout BBQ Team is flavored by Head Country

Head Country offers some of the most ubiquitous sauces and rub on the competition BBQ circuit. If you were digging around for the secrets of many of the top competition teams, you'll find that Head Country products are a frequent component to those secrets.

Head Country's sauce is almost unique in how it appeals to serious BBQ fans. Not only is it a great sauce on it's own, but it also works as the perfect base for you to build on with your own personal touches.

Don't take our word for it. Look around and see how many awards have been won by competitors using Head Country.


The Grill Scouts Brisket and Pork is elevated by Butcher BBQ injections. www.butcherbbq.com

We're not sure how accurate it is, but there's a maxim in competition BBQ that says 'if you're not injecting, you're not winning'. In 2012, the Grill Scouts will be using Butcher Brand injections. Top teams from across the nation swear by Butcher BBQ's products and they have the awards to show for it.

Butcher BBQ injections flavor your meat while helping it to retain moisture.

The Grill Scouts are fueled by Mark's Tree Farm. www.bestbarbecuewood.com

Wood chunks are used to impart a 'smokey' flavor to BBQ. The type of wood chosen is often matched to the protein you're cooking. Common themes are hickory with brisket, cherry with ribs and apple with chicken.

When the Grill Scouts are competing, we use wood chunks from Mark's Tree Farm. They deliver anywhere in the country and their customer service is second to none.

The Grill Scout BBQ team is powered by MojoBricks

MojoBricks are made entirely of  wood, without chemical binders that would alter flavor and aroma that the wood imparts. While MojoBricks are perfect for 'stickburners', where you would use logs or wood chunks, the Grill Scouts use MojoBricks in their Weber Smokey Mountains. 

MojoBricks are long lasting, which is what you want in smoking, while leaving almost no residue. They eliminate almost entirely the concern at the end of competitions of what you will do with your ash. Seeing as how MojoBricks are wood, they offer a much more nuanced and impactful flavor than charcoal.

MojoBricks come in a variety of woods, allowing you to tailor your fuel to your meat. 

The Grill Scouts highly recommends MojoBricks to anyone looking to enhance their smoking experience.